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Act Now for the Earth Cafe
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About Us

Join our wonderful community and let’s build new climate action micro habits together so we can win at carbon drawdown, restore nature, boost soil health, and live a sustainable lifestyle, all in an effort to help lower global warming. Act Now for the Earth Café also serves as a quick drop-in online learning ecosystem with lots of unique, simple, micro tips. Open 24/7 to meet all schedules.

The Earth Café is an online community. We post and comment Monday – Friday, but don’t be surprised if we sneak in some bonus content over the weekend. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions to further your knowledge on these vitally important topics.

Our dynamic, interactive information and learning ecosystem is based on the work and research of North Dakota pioneer soil health expert & regenerative agriculture farmer and advocate, author (Dirt to Soil), educator and public speaker, Gabe Brown.

We look forward to providing valuable tips that will help you create new micro habits that will lower your carbon footprint and save lives as we all transition to a sustainable, biodiverse, eco-friendly, carbon neutral culture.

Gallant Gold Media is an active part of the global coalition to save our habitat. We only have 5 years to pull this off. Let’s have fun while we learn new habits. 

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Why You Should Join Us

Climate change and its solutions are very scientific, and thus complex, which has made solving the problem much more complicated.

We’ve found a way to break it all down into simple, common posts written in everyday language that’s shared through brief snapshots of information to keep the vital facts simple, and easy to grasp so that they can quickly be adopted by all.

Saving our habitat together is a lot more rewarding than learning on our own. Besides, it really does take the entire community pulling together, sharing tips and mentoring newbies along the way to reach our goal of saving the planet for future generations.

A Big Thanks

You really make a difference. The process of saving our habitat is the exact same as voting. Every single solitary person matters, just like every vote matters. We can do this! #actnow